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Efficiency & Appropriateness


When people first consider using a green printer, often their first concern is that they’ll need to spend more for an eco-friendly product. At Recycled Paper Printing, Inc. you don’t have to pay more to be more responsible – we make green printing affordable. How? By focusing on efficiency and appropriateness. To produce a project efficiently is to travel through the entire manufacturing process and identify ways to minimize time, raw materials, and energy. And the easiest way to accomplish this is to keep formats simple and standard. That may sound uninteresting, but if you remove all the aspects that slow down an otherwise streamlined process, you can find great cost-savings. And rather than changing a standard format, we would prefer you to invest your time and energy into design and photography. In any case, we will be glad to help you determine the best way to produce your project efficiently. And how do we determine the appropriateness of design? We simply ask whether or not it is “over-designed” for its purpose. Does it have one too many embellishments? Does it even need any embellishments? Sometimes the aesthetic principle of “less is more” can also prove to be financially practical. A common scenario found in printing is paying too much for excess. And where excess exists, waste is sure to follow. Ultimately, our best advice is to consult with us during your design process. Our goal is to help you maximize your efficiency and value while minimizing your waste and cost – all without compromising the message you want to communicate.

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